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Publications for Teachers

Updated May 20, 2009

The Kentucky General Assembly offers several publications for civics teachers to use in classes about state government. The publications are available in bulk and at no charge, although there may be a postage requirement on large orders.

"How the Beagle Became Kentucky's State Dog"
This publication, in a coloring and puzzle book format, is for grade school age children and teaches about the legislative branch of government and how laws are made.

"The Legislative Gavel"
An eight page tabloid describes the differences between a regular session, a special session and the interim periods observed by the General Assembly. This legislative overview is intended for sixth through ninth grades.

"A Look at the Kentucky General Assembly"
This 35 page booklet provides a comprehensive look at the workings of the legislature, including the committee system, the constitution, the bill process, lobbyists and the media, legislative publications and how to contact your legislator. This publication is designed for high school and adults and can be used as a study guide.

"A Look at Kentucky's General Assembly"
This 10 minute
video presentation also describes the legislative process and can be borrowed and copied at no charge.

The Legislative Research Commission also publishes other informational pamphlets, research reports and studies, as well as committee membership and address lists for lawmakers. You are encouraged to request a complete list by contacting the Publications Office.

Requests should be made in writing on school stationary and sent to:

L.J. Tyree
Legislative Research Commission
700 Capital Ave., Room 83
Frankfort, KY  40601

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