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(Including Amendments Ratified at the November 6, 2012 General Election)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky was admitted into the Union as the fifteenth state in 1792. In its over two hundred years of statehood, Kentucky has had four constitutions:
  • The first adopted in 1792,
  • The second adopted in 1799,
  • The third adopted in 1850, and
  • The fourth adopted in 1891, and currently in force.
This web page provides access to the current Kentucky Constitution. The topical outline given below breaks the Constitution down into ranges of sections by subject area and is linked to that specific range within the complete listing of sections. From this range, the user can then jump to a particular section of the Constitution.
In addition to the table-of-contents approach provided below, the Kentucky Constitution may be searched through the Legislature Searching Service web page.

Topical Outline to the Constitution

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