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The Legislative Record is a cumulative document compiled by the Legislative Research Commission after each legislative day for daily publication and posting on the Commission’s web page. The Legislative Record contains a digest of all bills and resolutions (and amendments thereto) introduced in the General Assembly and also reflects all daily legislative action occurring on or reported to the House and Senate floors. Hence, the Legislative Record provides a current summary of the status of each bill and resolution before the General Assembly.


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Note: The text of all bills is in Word 2003 for Windows format. If your computer does not have this software, you can download a free Word Viewer from Microsoft to display bill text.

Note: The web facsimiles of roll call votes and vote modifications are in .PDF format. An Adobe PDF Reader, available free from Adobe, is required to view .pdf documents.

To access roll call votes click on the link to the appropriate Session. From the page entitled “Legislative Record Online,” scroll to “Bill Status Information.” Click on the link to the Senate or House bill or Senate or House resolution. Find the bill or resolution number that interests you and click on its link. The roll call votes will appear at the bottom of the page at a link called “Vote History.”

For miscellaneous roll call votes, including convening/quorum roll calls, access the "Legislative Record Online," then click on the link labeled "In House" or "In Senate" under "Front Page Information." Then click the link labeled "convening/quorum and other miscellaneous roll call votes." Similarly, vote modifications can be accessed through the "In House" or "In Senate" link by clicking on "vote modifications."