General FAQs


How do I know when to submit public comments on an administrative regulation?

         To be notified when an administrative regulation is filed, register for RegWatch. The state agency will send you information regarding the filed administrative regulation including information about the public comment period.

         The public hearing and public comment period information is printed as part of the administrative regulation in the Administrative Register of Kentucky and on the LRC Web site. Either:

-      Purchase a subscription to the Administrative Register of Kentucky; or

-      View the content of the Administrative Register of Kentucky online. (Select the "reg" version of the administrative regulation to find the proposed language and the public hearing and public comment information.)



Previous versions of administrative regulations

         At this time, only current, effective administrative regulations and administrative regulations going through the promulgation process are available on the LRC Web site.

         The fastest way to obtain previous versions is to visit the Regulations Compiler's Office in the Capitol Annex; 702 Capital Ave, Room 29; Frankfort, KY 40601.

         As time allows, the Regulations Compiler's Office may be able to fulfill a request for information. Contact the Regulations Compiler and include the administrative regulation number and the specific effective date or timeframe in which you are interested.

         For larger requests, it may be necessary to visit the Regulations Compiler's Office in person to view and copy the information.

         For copies of Material Incorporated by Reference, contact the promulgating agency. For administrative regulations effective after 1988, the agency contact information is usually provided in the last section of the administrative regulation.

         Please keep in mind that LRC Staff cannot give legal advice.



How do I testify at a meeting of the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee?

To testify at a meeting, you need to fill out a guest slip form. Once you have filled out this form, please take it to staff at the front of the room. The presiding co-chair uses the information from the guest slips to provide interested parties the opportunity to speak during the meetings. The information is also used by staff in preparation of the minutes to have the correct spelling of your name, as well as identifying information about the organization or agency represented.